Open relationship refers to the notion that a couple is specifically linked or tied together in the form of a commitment, usually romantic or sexual. But they agree to associate with others independently. A lot of dating sites and hookup apps, such as her dating app and the tinder dating app, allow dating in an open relationship. And, it does not only exist for online hookup. Every relationship is different. So it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it’s like. But, there’s a fairly standard pattern. Contrary to popular belief, dating in an open relationship doesn’t mean just a lot of casual sex and no guilt for anyone. In fact, there’s a lot of work to be done, especially when it comes to trust and communication, internal dynamics. You see, the people who have an open relationship are not superhumans without feelings of jealousy or attachment. They are real people. Here is more you should know about an open hook up relationship

You need to communicate more.

First of all, an open relationship requires a lot of communication! Checking in frequently to touch on the emotional, as well as the sexual, aspects of things. And keeping each other up to date can really increase the number of serious things you’ll find yourself talking to your partner about more than ever before. In addition, it can even give your partner surprising qualities in terms of sex, as you explore and discover new things you like.

You need more trust.

Imagine dating openly in an open relationship if you don’t trust your partner, or if they don’t trust you. Couples who engage in this dynamic should have a lot of trust in each other. And they really grow from it. It’s very freeing to allow yourself to go beyond the idea of possession to love, to give unconditional trust. And you’ll feel better about the relationship.

You could experience more.

Limiting who you are dating because you’re tied to a partner can be a great way to miss out on amazing connections and experiences. One of the reasons casual dating has become so popular in the singles scene is that it’s fun and eye-opening to meet so many different people and share time together, no matter how long it takes.

You will be judged.

However, good luck trying to explain your unique relationship to a judgmental person. Many people still think of the open relationships as a glorified form of deception or a toxic combination. And they are often hard to convince. You may sometimes feel the need to hide the way your relationship works, which can lead to a false sense of shame.

You will be misunderstood.

The biggest misconception that keeps many people away from the idea of dating in an open relationship is that it’s cheating. This isn’t even real! Consent is a very important part of every open relationship, as well as multiple dates. If two consenting adults agree that this is something they can do, It can not be considered cheating. In a healthy open relationship, there is no lying or sneaking around, no need for deception or trickery. Both partners communicate openly, respect boundaries, and have a lot of respect for their loved ones and other partners.

You could feel bad.

The most advanced and adaptable open dating couples also experience moments of insecurity or jealousy, although they can be fleeting. This is hard to avoid completely, especially if you are in the early stages of defining rules and boundaries. Communication can go a long way in this regard. So, if you start to feel certain negative feelings, don’t be afraid to say so.

You could have less time together.

One of the habits couples develop is that they spend every waking moment together. For some people, this is great! Where are the others, it is just not so. If this is your habit, it’s going to be a bit of a change to adapt to. Because you and your partner will be dating or taking risks with other people, this will cut into the time you spend together. It’s best to schedule some time just for the two of you.

You will have more chance of getting an STD

Unfortunately, there is one aspect of the open relationship that can be worrisome, especially when it is a very big decision for both of you. It’s important to stay safe, even if you’re single and enjoy casual sex. So always make sure you are protecting yourself during dating.