OkCupid Dating App

Check out this article to learn all of Okcupid’s strengths and weaknesses. Before you sign up for the OkCupid app, let us see if it is good for transgender dating. The OkCupid dating app has more than 50 million users worldwide. It even has a drama called dateme an OkCupid experiment. You could find members of all sexual orientations and genders on the the app. And transgender singles are actively welcomed and supported on this local dating app. With a lot of users between the ages of 25 and 34, the OkCupid app is one of the most inclusive big dating apps for free. All nonbinary members are welcomed, which allows you to identify yourself in any way, including trans male and trans female.

Sign Up
It takes about 10 minutes to sign up as a new user on the OkCupid app. And it is worth it because you have many opportunities to express yourself and provide information such as your location, sexual orientation, hobbies, and what kind of relationship do you want. Providing as much information as possible, so you can get more meaningful matches.

Create Profiles
Creating profiles on the OkCupid app is free, and there are many features you can use without paying. However, for trans people, the membership may be worthwhile because it opens up the option to use an advanced filter. So you could find more trans people like you. You could also search for a match, keep track of your likes. Advanced features include the better filter, see who likes your page/Also, you could get more matches and remove the ad. We also found that the it has very high-quality users. It is important to note that the photos you post are for the public, so it might be worth considering how much you want to share.

And the profile is full of details, If you are looking for a specific person, such as a transgender woman, You may find the trans woman through the filter. The advanced algorithms can find people who match your personality test. Search options are saved, so you do not have to retype them each time you log in. You can filter it by looking only at people who are currently online. For trans dating, it is worth considering upgrading your account so you can access the advanced filters. This makes it faster to send likes and messages to like-minded people.

About your safety, especially for trans people. The OkCupid app has a lot of security features, which is the most important for transgender dating, as other less secure apps leave users vulnerable to unsolicited messages. If you do meet someone you do not want to talk to, you can immediately block the person. There is also a report button that you can click if you are offended or something. And the the app is easy to use. It has a clear interface and is easy to find your way. The menu lets you find what you are looking for quickly, and the simple colors make it enjoyable to use.

The OkCupid app describes their subscriptions as a list, and you can choose to upgrade to basic or premium subscriptions. We recommend that you consider subscribing to the trans dating service of the the app, as advanced filters are very useful when looking for people who won’t date trans people. About the basic subscription fee.

The premium costs about $19.99 a month. For a three-month subscription, it is $13.33 per month or $9.99 per month for a six-month subscription. But again, pricing depends on the market. For example, some users have a monthly premium subscription price of $39.99, a three-month subscription price of $26.66, and a six-month subscription price of $19.99. It is all-natural. About its customer service. If you want to block or report a user, these buttons have a clear location on the dating app, so you can do it with just one click.

If you have more complex questions, the best way to contact OkCupid is via email. However, we do not find many disadvantages about the dating app for trans people, however, there are some. For example, you can not set the option about your beard preference, so if you do not like men with beards, you have to check yourself.

All in all, the OkCupid app works for trans people, especially if you have a membership. However, just like other dating apps, it has some flows, you need to decide if it is suitable for you. Just search omething like okcupid app download, okcupid mobile version, okcupid apk, okcupid site to download it if you want.