It is common that more and more young adult people to find local BBW dating from some famous dating apps like Tinder, Bumble or Badoo. According to the survey in the United State last year, over 40% people have founded their loves online now. However, I find some news that people are cheated online now and I should say this can be terrible. Online chatting is a way to help us to get over shyness and find ideal curvy dating partners.

But there are still some people who don’t know how to find reliable dating partners. Now, I will figure out the red flags when we chat with new people online which shows that you may just chat with the people who don’t deserve your trust.

They change their age usually. I did meet a guy who told me he was 21 but when I saw his profile, he was 29. No offence but the different age made me feel this person could be a cheater. After chatting with him for about three days, I asked him why he had two ages in this top chatting app. He kept silent for a moment and told me he forgot to set the same age. I asked his real age and he told me it was 25.

Well, it seemed that chatting with him couldn’t be a wise choice. Then, I said sorry and sent him to my blacklist. You should especially notice the people who’s birthday is in 2003( who is just an adult). In general, those people may be teenagers and they change their age in order to have a try in the casual dating apps. You can just say no to those people, which can avoid some potential troubles.

You should be careful for those users who use model’s picture as their avatar. Yes, now, not every single chatting app asks user to upload their real photos but for those people who have many model photos in their profile, you should be careful. They upload those photos may show they don’t want other people to invade their personal room, which is not wrong.

But when they add some expensive clothes or bags, they may just want to attract females users and get some money from us. If you don’t want to upload your real photo, you can add some animal or scenery pictures, which is much better than the model photos.

There is no photo in the profile at all. For those people when chatting online, we should notice. Why? Those people may just want to hide their real intention using local dating sites. It is weird with no picture because our general people may at least add posts or comments. For most people, we need to know what our dating partner looks like before chatting and this is why most top dating apps asks user to set their avatar before starting.

I can understand those people with no photo may be with no sense of safety online, which also means you just wasting time chatting with them. And also, it may also show they just want to make fun of you and they are not worth your trust.

Be careful with the perfect people online. Yes, when we find new friends from the random chatting apps, we may find someone who is really perfect. He has many hobbies like horse riding, fencing, skiing. He is smart and rich, too. After you check his profile on Tinder dating app, you can never find any shortcomings.

For those people, we should also notice. The first reason is that people cannot be perfect in many ways. His perfect points can show he sets specific figure of himself to attract people. And then, if he has some many hobbies, he may have so many friends. He can be busy with friends without chatting with you. I can understand people just want to find ideal dating partners now but don’t put so much high expectation on online chats.

The above four people may just lie to you on the best dating apps and you should be careful. Yes, knowing people from apps are not bad choice but we can be better to be more careful.