When it comes to Muslim dating, the two aspects that influence dating are the creed and the Koran. Both affect their premarital sex, marriage, engagement, and relationships. Muslim men or men of different religions are not allowed to have casual contact with Muslim women. The reason behind this is that they have laws to obey, and so do men. There were many prejudices and stereotypes against Muslim women, which was why it was difficult for some people to approach them. However, there are also less serious younger generations who use hookup apps and dating sites, such as the hinge dating app, the bumble hookup app, and the tinder dating app. In case you have met a Muslim woman online, read this article to be prepared.

Respect their culture.

First thing first, dating a Muslim woman means when it comes to her traditions, it’s best to show respect. Of course, it’s also best to show respect to her community, friends, and family, even if you don’t get the same respect. There will be situations where your family may object to your relationship. Because you are not a Muslim. But if you show them openness and love, they may eventually be able to accept you.

Some Muslim families are more open than they used to be. Also, in case you didn’t know, Muslims aren’t allowed to eat pork. So always keep in mind that if you decide to go on a date, make sure you choose a restaurant that is safe for her. You can let her pick the restaurant where the two of you eat for dating.

Prepared for almost no private time together.

If you notice, young Muslim couples often have an escort when they go out. And, most of the time, they are not allowed to be alone together, as this will only tempt them to do things that are against their religion. In fact, family members are highly involved in the hook up process, whether dating or getting married. Sometimes, their families help them get to know each other.

However, if you are not a Muslim and you are dating a Muslim woman, do not be surprised if she comes with a guardian during your date. Muslims believe in early engagement. So if you’re serious about her, you should know she’s waiting for you to propose. As noted above, Muslims are strictly opposed to premarital sex. So, the whole relationship is monitored. Even after the engagement, you can’t kiss her until the wedding day.

Develop serious relationship.

Of course, if you’re going to talk to her or ask her out, it’s best to be clear about your intentions. Unlike women of other religions, Muslim women want a serious relationships. So if you’re just looking for fun or something casual, it’s best to avoid talking to them. You don’t want to mess with a Muslim family.

Of course, you also need to start getting to know your partner. As she is a Muslim, it is best to understand her Muslim beliefs, values, and practices. You should also know how her family handles dating non-muslims. That way, once she decides to let you see her family, you’ll be ready.

Obey their rules.

For those who don’t know, under the Muslim faith, single men and women are not allowed to be together. The reason behind this is that if men and women are alone together, the devil may appear. Demons can come in the form of sexual attraction. That’s why when young men and women do not usually go out on dates alone.

They usually end up dating someone else together. And, it’s best to avoid asking her out during Ramadan. The reason behind this is that they adhere strictly to the rules of Ramadan. But some Muslim women don’t really practice their religion so strictly.

Follow their schedule.

As you may know, Muslims usually pray five times a day. Therefore, it is best to choose the right time to chat with her or call her when needed. You need to make sure that your conversation doesn’t overlap with her prayer time. Most of them value their religion very much. So you need to respect that more.

However, most importantly, what you need to know is that not all Muslim women are the same. It just means that even if a woman claims to be Muslim, there are rules she follows or rules she ignores. So the best thing you can do is to do research and get to know Muslim women before you do anything else.