A few years ago, I re-entered the online dating scene, weighing up the pros and cons of Hinge. I had met my last boyfriend on the Hinge dating app, and we had a romantic ending.

At the time, I didn’t know which dating app was better, and there were no articles, reviews, or expert analyses to help me figure it out. Instead of choosing a favorite, I added both Hinge and Bumble and decided to test them out that way. As a result, one of these apps introduced me to a couple of pretty good dates, while the other led me to the love of my life. So I think Hinge is a clear winner in the Bumble vs Hinge battle.

In this article, I will analyze the various features, costs, and success rates of Hinge. To help other singles like me who are wondering how this top dating app is a winner.

Overall, Hinge is more efficient at dating than Bumble. Okay, full disclosure, I’m totally and completely biased here because Hinge changed my life and introduced me to the person of my dreams. Sorry, not sorry! I know Hinge works because it works for me. That doesn’t mean Bumble doesn’t work – it’s a very fantastic and popular dating app. We gave it 4.3 stars in our full review.

But in my opinion, Bumble doesn’t hold a candle to Hinge.

Hinge is a personality-driven dating site full of conversation starters and matchmaking opportunities that can translate into real-life dating.

We’ll delve into the merits of Hinge throughout this review. But the short version is that the app has more engaging profiles, offers more unique icebreakers, and leads to more successful dating than the average dating apps for free, including Bumble. The Hinge team prides itself on fostering an atmosphere in which singles can leave the app as quickly as possible to enter relationships. As a result, Hinge is a dating app designed to be removed.

Hinge and Bumble are both top free online dating apps with the option of premium membership.

Hinge and Bumble are neck-and-neck in terms of cost, as they are both free. It’s free to download either (or both) of these two to create a dating profile and start matching and chatting with people immediately. You don’t have to pay a penny to send messages to your mutual matches.

Free dating sites are great for getting the ball rolling and keeping your dating costs light. But they may require some extra effort as you usually don’t have a lot of matching features at your disposal.

However, both Hinge and Bumble are offering upgraded membership plans for singles who want help and more freedom to explore all that the app has to offer.

Hinge Preferred offers a one-month subscription for less than $20, while a six-month subscription costs just $9.99 per month. The plan includes the ability to see who likes your profile. And you can also have unlimited likes and advanced filters in the settings.

According to Hinge dating experts, preferred members get twice as many dates as the app’s free members. It’s clear that the subscription plan is working and has resulted in many great matches.

Hinge supports a personality-driven matching system that encourages people to start conversations based on shared interests and values.

Like I said before, I’m biased and I think Hinge is the most successful and best dating app ever – simply because I met my now-husband there. But if you look at the numbers, I think it’s clear that there’s something special about Hinge too.

Hinge is one of the few dating companies that ask users to provide post-date feedback. The ‘We Met’ feature identifies the contact information exchanged between two users and follows up by asking if you went on a first date. If you enjoyed the first date and if you’d like to go out again. Your partner will never see your response – it’s entirely between the Hinge team and you.

The Hinge team found that the app worked as intended for its most active users. Over 73% of Hinge users who went on a first date said they would like to go on a second date. Hinge has led to many touching love stories and even presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg met his husband through it.

To summarize, Hinge online dating app is the best for singles who are looking for marriage.